Wrappers & Laminates :

We are capable of producing wrappers in reverse-printed Polyester/BOPP film laminated to PEG coated paper and finally hotmelt coated by  10 - 20 gsm for effective sealing. We also produce detergent laminates and other laminates having combinations of reverse-printed Polyester Film/BOPP Film laminated to Natural Poly Film/Milky Poly Film / BOPP Film/Metalised BOPP Film/ Cast Polypropylene Film.

Polycoated Papers, Stiffeners & Sandwitch Lamination:

We are also capable of producing Poly Extrusion Coated Wrapper,Poly Extrusion Coated Paper, Poly Extrusion Coated Board and Sandwitch Laminates.

Speciality Poly Film

We are equipped with modern machineries for producing multilayer specialty films ranging from 20 - 200

Food Grade Products

Food products are highly susceptible to lose flavour in contamination with Laminates having odour in it. To ensure odour-free Food Grade Laminates, we procured imported Solventless Lamination Machines, which are fully in operation at our different Units.

Adding Value to our Customers’ Product

We cover most of the important brands of Soap Wrappers, Detergent Laminates, Shampoo Laminates, Detergent Wrappers, along with various brands of Food & Beverages, Cement, Medicines, Tobacco & Pan Masala, etc. for many reputed companies. We are proud to be associated with them in adding value to their products through our consistent effort and innovative ideas to make the pack more attractive.


We produce flexible packaging materials, such as, wrappers, laminates and pouches  as per customer’s design.

We have the following Sophisticated machines:

high speed rotogravure printing  machines
imported solventless lamination machines
modern solvent-based lamination machines
hotmelt coating machines
high-speed slitting machines
poly extrusion coating machines
modern blown film plants
pouch-making machines.
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